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This website contains a selection of my aviation pictures – and from the year 2021 on the photos now have a new and larger width of 1400 pixels to improve your viewing experience! The majority of them has been taken with digital cameras since the year 2003, as unfortunately I don’t really have the time to scan the tens of thousands of Kodachrome slides I have been shooting for 20 years from 1983-2003 before switching to digital photography. There are 15 galleries of older stuff in the “Pre-2000 Shots” section after all though.

The albums are sorted chronologically; you can access them via the menu tree on the left (or below if you are using a mobile device). Or simply use the Photo Search page to search for any photo you’re looking for.

You may download the photos for personal, non-commercial purposes. For all commercial use or to display them on your own website please refer to the Commercial Photo Use page.

Thanks for dropping by – I hope you will enjoy your visit!

Ralph Kunadt
Aviation Photojournalist
Basel, Switzerland